frequently asked questions

Do you take custom orders?

I am sorry to say that I am unable to accept custom orders.  However there are many items in the made-to-order section of the shop that I will take custom color requests for.

Where do you buy your felt/fabric?

What type of felt/fabric do you use?

Do you hand cut or use a machine to cut your shapes?

In an effort to protect my small business, I no longer provide information pertaining to where I purchase supplies or how I create my items.  The internet is a vast source of information, and I hope you'll help yourself to all the tutorials and online resources you can find!

What does made-to-order vs ready-to-ship mean?

Made-to-Order items are not created until after you order them.  These items typically have a two week turnaround time.

Ready-to-Ship items are already created items that are photographed and listed to the shop.  What you see in the image is exactly what you are purchasing and the item typically ships within 48 hours.

If you have a question that was not answered, please feel free to email me directly.  I respond to emails once, sometimes twice a week so please be patient with my response.